Painted 302 With Explorer lower intake closeup

1961 Thunderbird EFI Swap – The Engine Part 1

The engine I bought for my EFI swap, was out of an 88 van, I don’t know…

Thunderbird EFI Swap

1961 Ford Thunderbird EFI Swap

Swapping a 5.0 (302) fuel injected engine from a ford car from the years 1986 to 1993, into the engine bay of a 1961 Ford Thunderbird

DreamCars – 1961 Chrysler 300G

The “Letter Series” saw the dawn in 1955 with the Chrysler C-300. In 1956 the 300-B came, and every year from there on and up to 1965 they changed the letter, ending up with 300L in 1965.

Dream Cars – Favorite Convertibles of the Fifties

As we know by now. The fifties where seeing and incredible development in the world of cars. Especially convertibles had quite a move upwards in popularity.

Dodge Challenger

Dream Cars – Dodge Challenger

In 1965 The Chrysler Corporation started the development of a new E-body.

Technical Tips And Tricks

I have compiled a small list of tips and tricks of the top of my head that can make your life easier this winter.

Pertronix Ignitor Installation

What the Ignitor does, is to replace your stock breaker-points in your distributor with an electronic ignition module that fits inside your distributor.

Remote Starter Solenoid

Installing a Remote Starter Solenoid

Avoiding hot start problems by installing a remote starter solenoid, Ford style.

The Importance of Classic Car Insurance

Your classic car is an asset, most of these cars do not loose much value if they are kept in a reasonably good condition. Insuring your classic car is then much like insuring your house.

Carburetor Cleaning in 4 steps

The carburetor should be cleaned on regular intervals to keep it clean and working properly.