Are you using led lights in your classic car?

Are you using led lights in your classic car?

Led lights are modern more stable and potentially brighter than the old light bulbs used in our old vehicles, it also uses less power to generate the light. Replacing our old bulbs with led lights does have some nice advantages, like not having to worry about the bulbs dying anytime soon.

It has another more important effect too, it can save your life, because, as we all know, our classics do not have lights that stack very well against today’s standards. It’s all about see and be seen in today’s traffic, thus this upgrade can be one of the most important safety upgrades you do on your car.

Led lights can replace bulb lights on a number of places in your car, like tail lights, headlights, coupe lights and dash lights.

While Led lights have the obvious effect of giving better lights, safety and reliability, it can also have the effect of being stock looking, which is very important for many classic car owners.

There is a plethora of readymade led light kits for many different cars, just take a look at eBay. To see if there are readymade kits for your car, do a search on eBay, type in something like “led lights year model” e.g. “led lights 61 thunderbird” and see if something turns up.

How to wire led lights

The wiring of this led lights is often not complicated at all, most kits you can purchase come with some rudimentary diagram to show how it’s done. Often though, you will have to refer to your cars wiring diagrams to see where to attach the wires. This is also why a readymade kit is the way to go, as it is already tailored for your car make.

What if no kit exists for my car?

There are many universal led lights also to be found, search eBay for “led lights universal” and you might find many that fit your application. The thing with this is that you don’t really know if it will fit in your car, and some customization might be necessary.